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We owe that to my grandparents Ida and Arthur Niggli. They were gallery owners , publishers, booksellers , authors , character heads and avant-garde .

With my virtual and (not any longer) physical gallery, i would like to give all art lovers the opportunity to buy a artwork of my diverse collection. Of course, I could have given much to the auction house. That would probably have been easier and definitely much faster. But every collector will understand wholeheartedly that i didn’t want to. Based on my family history, is it my wish to share the joy of art objects personally. My goal is to find people who feel the same enthusiasm for the unique beauty of the art works. It remains to be seen how my audience decides.

I wish you all a lot of fun with the art and history shown here.

Diana Keller

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The Galerie Ida Niggli to its original location.

Many of naive art shown here, can also be found in a book of my grandmother. “Naive Art, Past and Present”. Some are also depicted in Vincent Haddelsey’s “horses in the English tradition.”

More info about my grandparents Ida and Arthur Niggli can be found in the Chronicle.

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On May 08, 2015 was the starting point. Retro-Perspective Vernissage Ida and Arthur Niggli in the Kunstraum Bellerive in Zurich. It was a tribute to the lifework of my grandparents and the same time a start for the future. Through the exhibition, i showed the diversity of these two visionary. On this beautiful evening presented A. Wiegelmann and K. Forster her first work of its founding publisher. A virtually unchanged remake of Arthur Niggli Verlag classic “Schiff nach Europa” by Markus Kutter, visually organized by Karl Gerstner. Further information about the Triest-publishing can be found here

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Art collection

In the gallery repertoire is a very diverse spectrum with the main focus on naive art. But the treasures range from kinetic art, Cubism to impressionistic works. From lithographs to sculptures to oil paintings it’s all there.

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Diana Keller
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